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Web-Based Trainings

Web-Based Trainings rely on the principles of adult education related to self-concept, learner’s experience, readiness to learn, and a learning orientation.

    The adult learner’s self-concept means that the learner is not dependent on an external source, such as an instructor, to assess and provide education.

    The adult learner brings a wealth of experience and may use the experience in the educational activity.

    The adult learner is ready to learn and has an internal need to know in order to better address roles and responsibilities in real every day life.

    The adult learner’s performance is problem or performance centered. Adults need to know the reason for learning.

Using Web-Based Trainings provides an opportunity for the participant to access the HCQU website, complete their education and receive their certificate. Please click here for a detailed listing of our Web-Based Trainings.

Classroom Trainings

The HCQU conducts a variety of classroom trainings in the community for individuals, families and provider staff. Please contact the HCQU for a detailed listing of our Classroom Trainings.